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Hold The Rain

Title : Hold the Rain
Release Date : January 5, 2008
Label : ,
Catalog ref. : B0013LRKP8

On “Hold the Rain”, Pura Fe puts aside her role as an activist and delivers a very personal album featuring her powerful voice and slide guitar skills. She is joined by one of Seattle’s finest guitarists, Danny Godinez. The whole album is infused with Danny’s heavy, melodic acoustic guitar picking. It is an interactive CD with exclusive video content.

Each track shows Pura Fe’s passion for life and her dedication to following her heart. Her version of Summertime, dedicated to her mother, is sweet and reflective of her childhood when she was introduced to the song. If I was Your Guitar was inspired by Kelly Joe Phelps whose lap slide led Pura Fe into falling in love with music all over again. Also included is an anthem written to unite the tribes of the Carolinas and Virginia, a traditional piece recorded with Native singers and instrumentalists surrounding Pura Fe’s ethereal lead vocals.

Pura Fe & Eric Bibb – People You Love




if I Was Your Guitar

If I was your guitar, I’d be the happiest woman alive
Lay me down across your lap dear papa
Slide steel upon me and fly
Travel up and down my frets caressing the magic note
The way you get up all inside you work my heart strings to no control!

You hurt me wound me mess my strings up and tune me
My acoustics’ wired up to your electric touch
My heart beats for you that I want you too much… I want you too much!

Imagine being your woman… Home without you all the time,
But if I was your guitar, I’d be the loving of your traveling life.
The first man you tell me secrets and feelings to be faithful and treat me right,
Round the world, sing me God’s praise in the morning
And your blue lullaby drinking nights.

Bury me when you die, wants to be played on the other side,
You can pluck my harp, my strumming angel above
Cause you’re heaven on earth, and you’re out of this world… Out of this world!

Dance your fingers weaving guitar twine
Pulling honey from the sweetest vine
Bent over singing soft whiskey breath
Intoxicating melodies that sigh upon my neck
You know that I would drink you up
But I don’t know if I can get enough of your stuff.


Let Heaven Show

Here’s my big heart, hiding from you so small
I watch time guide me like a fly stuck to the wall.
And I wonder… I wonder…
Who’s to say what is right and what is so wrong?

What is to be… The hands of kind loving souls
Will do the best to take on a lover’s load
But how far to go? Is it only heaven knows
What is the cost that no one falls or takes the blow!

There’s a place and time will show
What is meant for yours to hold
Is there any reason to guess what is known in time?
Is there any reason to say you just know in your heart
And let it go and let heaven show

I reach for the light that exists with self sacrifice
To free expectation is the only advice
There will come an answer that loneliness will find
When the door opens to your own loving kind.

There’s a place and time will show
What is meant for yours to hold…


Little Girl Dreaming

How does she sit still with a man that travels beyond her reality
When the only sense she knows is chaos and insanity
She keeps trying to create oever and over… Hoping one day she will find
The perfect innocence taken as a child

Little girl dreaming dancing wild
A place to hide a trashed body behind
Painting pretty pictures, shower love and kisses
Leave the nightmare man shamed by molesting hands
A place to hide, a place to fly

What happens to a girl that she becomes so disconnected
Forward crash dive manic depressive
When all her relations never last unfinished business
Try to get even try to fix the past
Speaking too much too big too fast, she wakes from her fall again
Off in a mad dish
Out in a world of her own, out on a limb
Alone in this fight, how’s she ever gonna win?


Follow Your Heart’s Desire

Jaded by all the loves that I once had
Stripped of my spirit, I walk alone.
While picking up pieces of my heart,
I find something new.
Is it right to be so lost in love with you?

Who can you be that you’re in my every dream?
Night’s echo your voice through my soul.
Captured by thoughts not knowing how I can let you go.
Is it worth it in letting you know?

Follow Your Heart’s Desire
Light up the sky on fire
Hold on tightly to your dreams
Not knowing when and where to go
Your heart will take you there
Not knowing what to expect
You hope for no despair

There’s no regret if destiny says there’s no use
I speak from a breeze to a strong wind
Your road has it’s reason to be free
Like the seasons change
But there’s no wrong in good loving now and then.

What does it take to make you see I believe in you
A man I can trust in my life
Where do you go when a woman calls out the need in you?
Where is the love that you hide?


People You Love

The people you love pass on
But they’re not gone.
The ones you love
Stay by your side
They watch, they pray, they show us the way
Everyday, they bring heaven closer to me and you

The people we love go back home
Still, they’re not alone
Somehow they’re with us
For love never dies
They watch, they pray, they show us the way
Everyday, they bring heaven closer to me and you

The people we love grow old and die
But death can’t deny
The love that’s eternal
Inside their hearts
They watch, they pray, they show us the way
Everyday, they bring heaven closer to me and you


Hold The Rain

Hold the rain, hold the pain
Time doesn’t measure the miles of change
When the sun comes down
Look to the stars and I’ll be there

The breath of life is what we share
Trust your heart that faith is in the air
Distance has no limit on how small a prayer

Hold the rain, hold the pain
Together we will be again
No need for promises
Our hearts are wrapped as one across the skies of time

Never left you or broke freedom’s paradigm
Separate lives is not a lovers crime
This souls connection is a love that never dies

The loss of tears and the pain we bare
Cause I am here and you are there
Dreams to hold you close
But nothing your touch compares

Hold the rain…



In these hard times I pray

This is the last time I come back to this here earth place
Peace and purpose you got to draw from within
Connects me to other worlds where I begin

Pulling me adorn a familiar light
Reminds me that love is not far from sight
Where are you in all this chaos and human pain
Relieve me from what feels so insane

Love well I’m dreaming your way
When my time is up I’ll be coming home with you to stay
Love here on earth and on the other side
It’s where your family awaits for our loved ones to arrive

You gone… Sun would never meet the dawn
Like a shadow in the endless night
Find me don’t you leave this earth without thee
Like a ghost chasing you through time

Roaming searching yearning longing for loving you
Don’t care what galaxy this time I’m coming through
I know your spirit and in every way that you move
Cause you’re my soulmate and I’m calling home to you

Your eyes I do recognize
It’s a familiar joy
Your eyes from another life and time
Yes, it’s a familiar joy


Quiet Moments

When you get to the end of whatever it is
You are trying to say or to do
With words
Some will have already heard
Some will forever be changed
That fate
We never do know going in
All I want you to know
All I want you to know
Remember we all
Want to be heard above all
Of the rest of the noise
In quiet moments
In quiet moments
Eyes wide around us
Waiting and wanting to hear what It is
We have to say
In quiet moments
In quiet moments
Above all the rest of the noise

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