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Sacred Seed

Title : Sacred Seed
Release Date : January 27, 2015
Label :
Catalog ref. : B00PCPY3SI

Written in English, Tuscarora, and Tutelo, the songs that make up “Sacred Seed” are mostly original compositions, with the addition of two classics. Pura Fé, although she invokes her ancestors (“My People My Land”), far outgrows folk and blues customs through her progressive use of instruments such as the cello. Her desire to open news doors also appears in her renditions of classics such as Duke Ellington’s “In a Sentimental Mood” and Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky.” “I urged Pura Fé to add her beautiful traditional chants to Celtic sounds (“River People”), and even a Neil Young-styled rocker (“Woman’s Shuffle”). We also decided to use a soft sacred hymn as an opener (“Mohomeneh”),” recounts Mathis Haug. At the end of the day, Sacred Seed is a vocal masterpiece, Pura Fé being responsible for the all of the rich harmonies heard on the album.

“Mathis helped me come out of my shell and made me do things I never knew I could,” she volunteers. This may well be the reason why this album is so much like her, both intimate and daring.

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